Election monitoring

Interim results on media monitoring
Interim results on media monitoring

At a special press conference on May 14, 2014 at BTA Press Club, the team of the Institute for Social Integration /ISI/ presented interim results on media monitoring as part of the activities of "Monitoring the 2014 European Elections."

ISI, supported by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) - Brussels, for a third year, carries out the monitoring of the campaign and election process in Bulgaria. Both organizations focus on monitoring three components - the electoral legislation, media monitoring and observation on the Election Day.

Through the media monitoring, the team aims at observing and analyzing the media environment in Bulgaria in the context of the forthcoming European Elections. It is divided into 3 main parts - observation and quantitative analysis of media coverage of the major parties, political leaders and candidates for seats in the European Parliament; monitoring local media and analyzing the European issues covered by them, as well as analysis of the key messages of politicians and parties that reach the Bulgarian citizens through the media in the country.

The press conference was attended by Galina Assenova - Executive Director of ISI and Stefan Georgiev - team coordinator of the media monitoring.

Presentation and interim report with the monitoring results can be found in section “Publications”