Art.1. The name of the association shall be “ИНСТИТУТ ЗА СОЦИАЛНА ИНТЕГРАЦИЯ” (ИСИ) with the equal spelling in English “INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INTEGRATION” (ISI), hereinafter referred to as the “INSTITUTE”.



Art.2.(1) The seat of the institute shall be the city of Sofia, the region of Krasno Selo.

(2) The address shall be the city of Sofia, 30 Pozitano Street.



Art.3. to assist in the overcoming of social alienation and in the encouragement of the social integration of citizens, groups, communities and regions.



Art.4. In order to achieve its main objective, the institute shall:

  1. Perform scientific and applied studies;
  2. conduct training and educational programmes for training of social workers and social active members;
  3. organizing conferences, symposia and public discussions, including with international participation;
  4. draft analyses and consultations;
  5. issue printed and electronic studies, leaflets, bulletins, magazines and other materials;
  6. perform additional economic activity.


Art.5. The activity of the Institute is carried out for the public benefit. 


Art.6. The Institute shall carry out any activity not prohibited by the law, related to the achievement of its objectives.



Art.7. The Association is established for an indefinite period of time. 


Art.8. Members of the Institute may only be persons, who accept the Statutes and satisfy the following conditions:

  1. to be legally capable;
  2. to have experience in scientific, research or social activity;
  3. to have higher education and appropriate qualification.


Art.9.(1) The property of the Institute shall be formed by:

  1. voluntary contributions of the members;
  2. donations and last wills and testaments;
  3. incomes from own property.

(2) The Institute may refuse to accept a donation or last will and testament made under conditions that are not acceptable to it or are in conflict with the provisions of the law.

(3) The property shall be spent for achievement of the objectives of the Institute.



Art.10.(1) Bodies of the Institute shall be:

  1. the General Meeting;
  2. the Managing Board.

(2) Auxiliary bodies can be set up upon resolution of the Managing Board – scientific and expert boards, as well as executive bodies, necessary for development of the activity of the Institute.



Art.11. The General Meeting shall consist of all members. 


Art.12. The General Meeting shall:

  1. amend and supplement the Statutes;
  2. adopt other internal regulations;
  3. admit and expel members;
  4. elect and remove from office members of the Managing Board;
  5. adopt resolutions on the opening and closing of regional sections;
  6. adopt resolutions on participation in other organizations;
  7. adopt a resolution on the transformation or termination of the Institute;
  8. adopt the principal directions and an Institute activity programme;
  9. adopt the budget of the institute;

10. adopt the report on the activity of the Managing Board;

11. set aside resolutions of the managing board, which contradict the law, the Statutes, other internal regulations or of its preceding resolution.



Art.13.(1) The General Meeting shall be convened in the city of Sofia by the Managing Board at it initiative, at least once annually or upon request of one third of the members of the institute. If in the latter case the managing board fails within one month to send a written invitation for convention of the General Meeting, it shall be convened by the Sofia City Court upon written request of the concerned members or a person authorized by them

(2) The invitation must contain the agenda, date, hour and place of conduction of the General Meeting and on whose initiative it is convened.

(3) The invitation shall be promulgated in the State Gazette and shall be posted in the building used by the institute in the city of Sofia, 26 Dimitur Nestorov boulevard, at least one month prior to the scheduled day. 


Art.14.(1) The General Meeting shall be legal if attended by more than half of all members.

(2) If there is no quorum the meeting shall be postponed by one hour at the same place, under the same agenda and it may be convened no matter how many members attend.



Art.15.(1) Each member of the General Meeting shall be entitled to one vote.

(2) A member of the General Meeting shall not be entitled to a vote in the resolution of issues concerning him/her, his/her spouse or direct relatives – without restriction, collateral relatives – up to fourth degree, or relatives by marriage – up to second degree, inclusive;

(3) A person may represent no more than three members at the General Meeting on the grounds of a written power of attorney. Reauthorization shall not be allowed.

(4) Voting shall be open, unless the General Meeting resolves otherwise. 


Art.16.(1) The resolution of the General Meeting shall be adopted:

  1. under art.12, items 1 and 7 – by majority of two thirds of all members;
  2. under the rest of the items – by majority of the attendees.

(2) As concerns a resolution for expulsion of a member, the member subject of expulsion shall not vote.



Art.17.(1) The Managing Board shall consist of at least five persons – members of the institute.

(2) The members of the Managing Board shall be elected for a period of three years.

(3) The Managing Board shall elect out of its members a chairperson and a secretary. 


Art.18. The Managing Board shall:

  1. represent the Institute as well as determine the volume of the representative authority of its individual members;
  2. ensure the performance of the resolutions of the General Meeting;
  3. dispose of the property of the Institute;
  4. prepare and move to the General Meeting a draft budget;
  5. prepare and move to the General Meeting a report on the activity of the Institute;
  6. prepare and move to the General Meeting a draft of the directions and programme of the activity of the institute;
  7. determine the procedure and organize the performance of the activity of the institute and be responsible for that;
  8. change the address of the institute;
  9. elect out of its composition a chairperson and a secretary;

10. appoint and remove from office the employees in the institute;

11. determine the receiver upon dissolution of the institute upon resolution of the General Meeting;

12. set up auxiliary bodies – scientific and expert boards, as well as executive bodies, necessary for the development of the activity of the institute.



Art.19.(1) The sessions of the Managing Board shall be convened by the chairperson. The chairperson shall be bound to convene a session of the Managing Board upon written request of the one third of its members. If the chairperson fails to convene a session of the Managing Board within a week, it can be convened by each one of the concerned members of the Managing Board.

(2) The sessions of the Managing Board shall be presided over by the Chairperson. If he is absent, the session shall be presided over by the secretary or by its member nominated by the managing board

(3) The Managing Board may adopt a resolution if the session is attended by more than a half of its members.

(4) An attending member shall also be a person with whom there is a bilateral telephone or other connection guaranteeing the establishment of his identity and allowing his participation in the discussion and adoption of resolutions. The voting of such member shall be certified in the minutes of the chairperson of the session.

(5) The resolutions shall be adopted:

  1. under article 18, items 3, 6, 9 and 11 – by majority of two thirds of all members;
  2. under all the others – by majority of all votes.

(6) The Managing Board may also adopt a resolution within holding a session, if the minutes-record for the adopted resolution is signed without notes and objections to this by all members of the Managing Board.



Art.20. The Chairperson of the Managing Board shall represent the association, and where obstructed, the representation shall be carried out by the board. 


Art.21. Every member shall have the right to:

  1. participate in the management of the institute;
  2. be informed for its activity.


Art.22.(1) Each member shall be bound to:

  1. participate in the activity of the Institute;
  2. perform the resolutions of the General Meeting.


Art.23.(1) The membership in the institute shall be voluntary.

(2) A new member shall be admitted by the General Meeting at his/her written application where he/she declares that he/she accepts the Statutes of the Institute. The following documents must be attached to the application:

  1. a declaration from the person that he/she has never been convicted and has not been placed under full judicial disability;
  2. a copy of a diploma for completed higher education and possessed scientific degree, if any;
  3. a recommendation from at least two former members of the institute.


Art.24.(1) The membership shall be terminated:

  1. by unilateral declaration of will of the person sent to the Institute;
  2. by the death of the person or his/her being put under full judicial disability;
  3. by the expulsion of the person;
  4. when he/she drops out;
  5. by the dissolution of the institute.

(2) Persons, who have terminated their membership, shall lose all property and non-property rights in respect of the institute.



Art.25.(1) A drop-out shall take place upon non-participation in the activity of the institute for a period of one year.

(2) Such drop-out shall be established on a documental basis by the Managing Board. 


Art.26. A member of the Institute, who does not comply with the Statutes or by his/her conduct harms the reputation of the institute shall be expelled by a resolution of the General Meeting.



Art.27. The institute shall be dissolved:

  1. by a resolution of the General Meeting;
  2. by a decision of the Sofia City Court in the cases under art.13, paragraph 1, item 3 of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act.


Art.28.(1) Upon dissolution of the institute a winding–up shall take place.

(2) The receiver shall be determined by:

  1. the Managing Board upon termination under art.27, item 1;
  2. the Sofia City Court, if a receiver has not been determined by the Managing Board, as well as upon dissolution under art.27, item


Art.29. The institute may issue a printed organ.

Art.30. The institute shall have a round seal with the wording "ИНСТИТУТ ЗА СОЦИАЛНА ИНТЕГРАЦИЯ'' (“INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL INTEGRATION”). The seal shall be kept by the chairperson of the Managing Board or by an employee nominated by him.

Art.32. The name of the institute and its seat shall be posted on all official documents and publications.

Art.33. The Statutes were adopted by the General Meeting of the founders of the institute held on 3 July, 2002 on the grounds of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act, promulgated in the State Gazette, issue 81/2000, amended in the part of the seat and registered office of the General Assembly of the Institute held on August 11, 2008.