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The Institute for Social Integration (ISI) was founded in 2002. Among its founders are leading experts – sociologists, political scientists, psychologists, jurists, diplomats, economists, journalists. They are all united by their willingness to address the problems related to integration and disintegration in our society, the social and economic gaps, the alienation and the social vulnerability.

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Stefan Georgiev participated in the working meetings of Solidar in Brussels

In Brussels, working meetings of the Social Affair Forum and the Education Experts Network of Solidar were held, where Stefan Georgiev - Member of the Board of ISI was its representative. Read more

Stefan Georgiev, ISI: The discussion on majority voting system is extremely late

Everything that had to be debated - pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of the majority system - had to happen prior to the referendum - said Stefan Georgiev (Member of the Board of ISI) this morning on BNR. Unfortunately, this discussion did not hap Read more

Alina Garkova, an observer of ISI in Brussels: Basic civil rights were violated

Hundreds of Bulgarians in Belgium failed to exercise their constitutional right and civil duty (civil duty due to the changes in the Electoral Code, in force since May 2016) to vote in the 2016 Presidential elections. Read more


Let’s Change the mode - The Bulgarian perspective of the fight for income inequality and employment(2018)

The main problems which this project shall try to solve are the lack of strategy for rising income in Bulgarian politics; the lack of strategy for reforms and improvement on health system; lack of transparency in the process of policy making.
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"Monitoring of the presidential elections 2016" - Final Report

The Institute for Social Integration (ISI) - Sofia, in partnership with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) - Brussels, for the sixth time monitored the pre-election and election process in Bulgaria.
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