Annual Meeting of Graduates 2014


Graduates of trainings at the Institute for Social Integration gathered at an Annual Meeting. It was held on November 29, 2014, in the town of Bankia, "Zheravna" hotel with 100 attendees. The graduates of the “Academy for Social Policy" were joined by graduates of the “Academy for Municipal Policy” and the “Academy for Civil Observers”.

In the first part of the meeting, the team of ISI presented the activities and projects, which it had carried out within the past year. It had also prepared a questionnaire in order to update the database in the system of ISI so that graduates could keep a good contact network, based on professional and expert information. The meeting continued with a discussion “What is going on? So what?", where Fannie Dimitrova, who was a candidate for MP from BSP took part as a main speaker as well as Trendafil Velichkov, candidate for MP from ABC.