Annual meeting of the 2011graduates


On November 13, 2011, the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Club of the Academy for Social Policy (the Alumni Club) was held. Taking into account the project participants in 2011, the number of ASP’s graduates has already reached 354, out of which 160 attended this year's meeting.

Guests at the meeting were representatives of the Macedonian «Progress Institute": Mr. Dane Taleski, CEO, and Mr. Alexander Spasov, Coordinator of the Political Academy of "Progress". They presented the Macedonian experience in political trainings and think-tank activities, and defined the framework of the future cooperation with the Bulgarian ISI.

Special guest at the event was the President of Bulgaria, Mr. Georgi Parvanov. In response to both easy and uneasy questions, Mr. Parvanov discussed with the participants current issues of the Bulgarian foreign and national policy.

The evening ended with the annual graduates’ party, during which, in a secret ballot, they elected the National Coordinator of the Alumni Club.