ISI presented the final results of the project "Let's change the mode!"
ISI presented the final results of the project "Let's change the mode!"

At a national event, the Institute for Social Integration presented the results from the project "Change the mode!", which was realized in partnership with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Brussels.

The event was attended by volunteers from the Alumni Club of ISI, MPs, trade unions, journalists, healthcare workers and representatives of NGOs working in the healthcare sector.

Katia Koleva, chairman of the ISI Board, together with the project team, presented the summarized results as specific proposals in the two sectors. The proposals were made on the basis of the 4 regional discussions held in the country in September and October.

"The overall assessment of the labour market situation in Bulgaria is rather weak or moderate. Excellent assessments are missing, and only about every ninth questioned puts a good assessment. In the smaller settlements, the assessments are more critical" said Stefan Georgiev, the head of the team who conducted the survey on working conditions in the country.

Madlen Stoyanova, a syndicate expert, also said that the subjective criteria and elements in the labour law legislation should be reduced and the objective criteria should be increased.

"In order to overcome the negative trends, measures need to be taken urgently to significantly improve healthcare services. It is imperative to choose wisely the policies in the sector in order to spend strategically the limited resources and to safeguard the sustainability of the health system." added Lydia Chorbanova, a health expert.

The project also includes a paper edition - a brochure that brings together all proposals for change in the two sectors - health and working conditions. The brochure is due to be released in December and will be both in English and Bulgarian