The first module of ASP 2017 is held in Bankya
The first module of ASP 2017 is held in Bankya

In 2017, 29 people will be trained at the Academy for Social Policy. They were ranked among 70 nominees from all over the country, after selection by an expert committee on a cover letter.

Program of Activities:

First module: "Society. Politics. Communication" (June 30 - July 2, Bankya)

Second module: "Political Process. Conflicts, Negotiations, Mediation" (July 20-23)

Third module: "Teamwork and Leadership. Campaigns. Media." (September 21-24)

Fourth module: "Organizational Management" (26 - 29 October)

Fifth module: "Geopolitics. European Union. Constitution, Power and Institutions" (24-26 November, Sofia)

The first module of the Academy is currently held in Bankya. In it, the participants will get basic knowledge on the topics of politics and democracy, civil society and how to prepare and present a political speech. On the second day of the module there will be a communicative training for effective communication.