ISI will monitor the local referendum in the town of Tran this Sunday
ISI will monitor the local referendum in the town of Tran this Sunday

The Institute for Social Integration (ISI) - Sofia has been monitoring the pre-electoral and electoral process in Bulgaria since 2011. The organization aims to support democratic, transparent and fair elections at national and local level, to achieve a preventive effect on possible violations of the forthcoming elections and to increase citizens' participation in the election process.

Since 2015, ISI has been following closely the referendums in Bulgaria. On one hand - the messages emanating from politicians during direct consultations, on the other hand - on how much citizens use the opportunity to participate directly in important political decisions.

That is why the Institute for Social Integration will carry out civil monitoring of the local referendum in the town of Tran on June 11, 2017.

Through the Election Day observation, ISI aims to increase civil participation in the electoral process and to work for achieving a preventive effect on the possibility of violating election democracies and replacing civil vote. Possible violations of the electoral process must be given the necessary publicity and be alerted to the responsible authorities and institutions. To that end, we will use the already established network of civil observers in all district election commissions in the municipality of Tran.

On the Election Day, at certain times of the day, we will send a press release to the media to inform what happens in Tran.