Training of District Coordinators for Civil Monitoring
Training of District Coordinators for Civil Monitoring

In the period 10-12 March, ISI conducted training for civil observer coordinators of the Election Day in Bankya. Participants in the seminar were representatives of all constituencies in the country. The training is part of the project "Early Parliamentary Elections 2017: Civil Monitoring", implemented in partnership with FEPS, Brussels.

The training program, based on the model of the trainings already conducted, included the topics of electoral legislation and electoral administration, civil observers and organization of the Election Day.

Civil observers’ coordinators also experienced an Election Day simulation in which they had to prevent possible elections violations by the election administration and to report accordingly to the responsible institutions.

Through the trained observers, ISI has increased civil participation in the electoral process and continues to work for fair, transparent and democratic elections. Possible violations of the electoral process must be given the necessary publicity and be alerted to the responsible authorities and institutions.