What is the new healthcare policy?
What is the new healthcare policy?


The second working group in the project “Dialogue and public debate on social changes towards democratic practices”, organized by The Institute for Social Integration and “Freidrich Ebert” Foundation, presented its report on the healthcare system in Bulgaria. The group, composed of Doctor Emil Rainov, former health ministers Tanya Andreeva and Radoslav Gaidarski, as well as the specialists Asen Zlatev and Ognyan Ivanov, suggested that the state should ensure the stability of the health system.

In addition to that, the group insists that the government should also ensure equal access of citizens to medical help, restore confidence between doctors and patients, stimulating nurses with better working conditions and higher pay.


According to Mr. Rainov to eliminate the division between insured and uninsured, the health contribution should become a tax. This will improve collection and increase the funds for healthcare. Moreover, taxes are much harder to avoid. Mr. Rainov pointed out that at the moment there are 250 000 people working and paying taxes, but they do not pay health contributions.


The report can be viewed here.