Training unit and media packages
Training unit and media packages

Providing media packages and presenting the activity of the training unit within CEC – these were two of the main topics of the session of the Public Council of CEC, which took place on April 22th, 2014.

According to the statistics of the Parliamentary Elections in 2003, only 10% of the media have published contracts for coverage of the election campaign, and only 50% - the rates for this activity. All attendees agreed on the importance of the concept that the public funds, provided by the new electoral code for the so called media packages should be given to media working transparently and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the electoral legislation. In this regard, the proposal of the Institute for Public Environment Development was supported, which would be sent in order to be added to CEC decision, and which reads:

CEC would pay for media service only if media providers have fulfilled the requirements of the Electoral Code, namely: 1/ They have announced the rates both to CEC and on their websites within the specified deadline /no later than 40 days prior to the election day/ - until April 14th 2014, according to CEC Timing diagram; 2/ They have published information about the contracts with the election participants for media coverage, in compliance with the requirements of art.180 of EC.

A subsequent CEC determined by its Decision the parties, coalitions and initiative committees entitled to use media packages, but it didn’t become clear whether it will take into consideration the recommendations of the Public Council, regarding the criteria for media.

In connection with the activities of the Training Unit within CEC, which was set up in compliance with the regulations of the new code, the Council members discussed and accepted a Statement regarding the methodology of the trainings. The main texts of the statement were proposed by the Institute for Social Integration, and the statement itself – sent to CEC for consideration.