Final Meeting of the "Get on Board!" Team
Final Meeting of the "Get on Board!" Team

On December 17, 2012 in Vienna, Austria, the final meeting of the one-year project of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) was held, with beneficiary – the German Foundation "Konrad Adenauer". The project’s name is "Get on Board! Mobilizing young leaders to support the EU enlargement process towards the Western Balkans", and its participants include representatives of non-governmental organizations from six countries - Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia. The Bulgarian participants in the project are two organizations - members of ENoP – the Institute for Social Integration (ISI) and the Liberal Politological Institute (LPI).

You can find more about the project HERE.

You can register with the E-learning platform, product of the project.  

If you wish to carry out a simulation game on EU enlargement through the Western Balkans - the ISI team will provide support through the participants trained within the project.