Forthcoming training “Visions of Young People"
Forthcoming training “Visions of Young People"

"Friedrich Ebert" Foundation - Bulgaria Bureau and ISI organize training for representatives of the Youth Union of the Bulgarian Socialist Party /BSP/. It will be held from 13 to 15 July, 2012 in Hotel "Samokov", Borovets, on the topics of education, youth unemployment and youth inclusion. The new Director of the German Foundation in Bulgaria, Regine Schubert, will take part in the opening.

The European priorities for youth policy and youth participation in the life of municipalities will be presented by the President of the National Youth Forum (NYF), Vesselin Iliev.

State educational policies in higher education and the new Law of school education will be the topics of MP Valentina Bogdanova.

The MP and Chairman of the Social Committee at the 41st National Assembly, Dragomir Stoynev, will bring his expertise and experience in the field of youth unemployment.

Speaker on career challenges and opportunities will be Svetlozar Petrov. He will lead a discussion with young people about the causes and ways to overcome youth unemployment.

In the workshop for ideas, the participants will present their visions on the measures and tools that should meet together education and business, and on how young people are involved in this process. Moderator of their work will be Lyubomila Totina.

The organizers of the training hope that the Forum will facilitate the updating of policies and campaigns of the Youth Union, whose management representative will be Ija Petkova - Gurbalova - "Political Training" Department