Discussion "New Political Activities VS Old Party Systems"
Discussion "New Political Activities VS Old Party Systems"

"Friedrich Ebert" Foundation - Bulgaria Bureau, and the Institute for Social Integration (ISI) organize a discussion "New political realities VS old party systems", which will be held on March 6, 2013, Wednesday, from 17.00 to 20.00 in Hall "Matti-D", National Palace of Culture, Sofia (small building).

The events following February 17, got ahead of the planned back in December 2012 discussion - triggered by the low electoral activity and the low rating of public institutions, the citizens’ discontent and their disengagement from politics. With a focus on the upcoming parliamentary elections, which are expected to set the direction of the development of Bulgaria for the next few years.

Have the ways of doing politics become out of date, do Internet-based discussions and positions put an end of the professional politics, what drives back young people from the old party system and who are the politicians that they want to see - these and many other questions will get their answers at the discussion.


The sociologist Michail Mirchev, the political scientists Antoniy Todorov and Irena Todorova, the journalist Assen Genov and the PR and media expert Nidal Algafari are invited to present their opening theses. Moderators of the discussion will be the young sociologist Stefan Georgiev and the young political scientist Gabriela Velichkova. Young people are invited to participate as well - representatives of youth NGOs and political organizations as well as participants in the protests.

Program of the event