Projects and activities

"For democratic elections - raising the competence of the electoral process for the upcoming parliamentary elections"

Project contractor - ISI Partners - Jean Jaures Foundation - France

Initiative “For Tolerant Governance"

The project aims at overcoming the intolerance, based on stereotypes and prejudice, driven by ethnic, religious or political affiliation in regions with mixed population in Bulgaria.

"Social Vulnerability Index"

Activities of the project: Data collection and data analysis from across the country, according pre-defined directions and basic concepts. Monitoring of risk groups, study of risk factors and evaluation of politics, policies and law.

"Institutional Strengthening"

A team of collaborators, volunteers and Institute lectors, with specific Science & technology unit. Rented and equipped premises, with three working places and a conference room. Launch of an e-email and a website of the Institute for Social Integration.

"The Bulgarian Left-wing in the EU Accession Process"

Relevance with the objectives of the organization: The project focuses on the problems that arise for Bulgarian citizens and institutions in the process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The focus placed is on the accession processes and the work

“For Professionalism in Politics and For Encouraging Civil Participation”

Project contractor: ISI Partners: "Open Society" Foundation, "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation - Bulgaria Bureau, "Nikolay Dobrev" Institute Implementation period: December 2002 - November 2003 Source of funding: "Open Society" Foundation