Public discussion "New Green Growth" (2012)


Project contractors: ISI and "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation (FES)

Implementation period: April 2012

Source of funding: FES

Public discussion "New Green Growth: Sustainable development for nature, people and economy" was held on April 18, 2012 at the National Palace of Culture, Hall 8.

It was attended by Katya Koleva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISI; Dr. Mark Meinardus, Director of the Bulgarian Office of FES; Dr. Sergey Stanishev, Chairman of the National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party /BSP/ and the Parliamentary Group “Coalition for Bulgaria” /PGCB/.

The management project in the environment sector was represented by Atanass Kostadinov, Chairman of the Environment and Climate Change Council at the National Council of BSP.

Program of the Forum

Project "New Green Growth"