Discussion "Youth Law: Where are the young people?" (2012)


Source of funding: "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation (FES)

The discussion "Youth Law: Where are the young people?" was held on February 23, 2012 in Hotel "Rodina" - "Maritza" Hall.

It was attended by Katya Koleva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Social Integration (ISI); Dr. Mark Meinardus, Director of FES - Office Bulgaria; representatives of youth NGOs, students and political organizations. Moderator of the discussion was Trendafil Velichkov, Board member of the National Youth Forum (NYF) and Vice President of the Youth Association within the Bulgarian Socialist Party /BSP/.

Other participants with introductory topics were:

-          "Youth unemployment - a major concern for Bulgaria and Europe," Dragomir Stoynev, Chairman of the Labour and Social Policy Commission in the 41st National Assembly;


-          "Young people in Bulgaria - where are they in aspect of law and policy?", Mihail Balabanov, Chairman of the Commition for work with young people at the National Council of BSP


-          "Problems of the youth community in Bulgaria. Through the eyes of sociologists”, Stefan Georgiev, sociologist, "AFIS" Agency


-          "Young people - representation and politics," Lily Elenkova, Vice-President of the National Youth Forum;


-          "Policies for young people - time for consensus", Yavor Gechev, President of the Youth Association in BSP.



Presentation of Dragomir Stoinev

Program of the Forum