"Visions for Sofia" (2011)


Project contractors: ISI and "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation (FES)

Implementation period: May - July, 2011

Source of funding: FES

The project includes seven discussion forums in seven sectoral policies on visions for the development and management of Sofia. The participants were representatives of a wide range of non-governmental organizations, experts, professional organizations, representatives of local government and local authorities, MPs.

1. “Health” - May.

2. "Education" - May. Report on the state of the education system in Sofia, presented by Alexander Grozdanov from “Secondary Education” Federation.

3. "To be a social society, to care for others" - June. Reports on the topic were presented by the Executive Director of “People with Disabilities” Agency, Mincho Koralski (current problems of  people with disabilities); Kapka Panayotova from the "Center for Independent Living" with a proposal "The Municipality - thinking of everyone" and suggestions for solving the problems Roma minorities; the representative of "Arete" Foundation Rumyan Russinov with proposals for the integration of Roma children, supported by Pepa Ilieva from "Ethno-palette"; the President of the "Union of Pensioners 2004" Tsvetan Minkov with proposals how to support the elderly, supported by Tanya Tsolova from "Life with Dignity" Foundation. Participation in the discussion with specific proposals were also made by representatives of the organizations “Life with Dignity”, “Bulgarian Helsinki Committee", "For Our Children", "Institute for Social Activities and Practices", "Sofia Pride”.

4. "Urban Culture" - June. A short report on the topic was presented by the producer and organizer of cultural festivals, Katia Karagiaurova. Personal opinions on the subject came from Yuri Valkovski from "Foundation for Urban Projects"; the President of "Union of Sofia Community Centers" Denka Evstatieva; representatives of the City Library; "Foundation for Urban Projects", "Bulgarian children and youth parliament", "Musicaurthor”, "Theatre of the Bulgarian Army”; the former Director of the National Palace of Culture, Hristo Drumev.

5. "Greener and environmentally responsible Sofia" - June. Report on major environmental issues of the Municipality was presented by the ecological expert Lubka Kostova. The main topics of the discussion were Sofia wastes and the construction of a garbage Plant, and the problem with homeless street dogs. The workshop brought together independent experts, representatives of the Association "Protecting the health and lives of people and the environment", Foundation "Four Paws", "German Neutering Center", "Balkan Science and Education Centre of Ecology and Environment", "Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association", "Association of Parks in Bulgaria", "Scientific Coordination Center for Global Change".

6. "More order, rules and development in construction" - June. The architect Borislav Borissov presented a report on urban planning and architecture.

7. "Faster and more convenient traffic" - July. Georgi Kadiev presented his draft program for traffic and transport, with emphasis on the need of a new Master Plan.