"White Paper on Local Government" (2011)


Project contractors: ISI and "Friedrich Ebert" Foundation (FES)

Implementation period: May - September, 2011

Source of funding: FES


The project includes three upgrading trainings for young members of the Left, with the following curriculum content:

1. "Public policies and campaign messages" (May), with topics:

- Political Information; Policy documents - policy paper, statement, election platform, political messages; Analysis - comparative analysis, case study, content analysis, SWOT analysis, opponent analysis; Public interests; Public policies; Communicating policies; Block "White Paper on Local Government "- practical case

Training team: Antoniy Todorov, Tatiana Tomova, Elena Harizanova (White Paper)


2. "Working with voters" (June), with topics:

  -Electoral Process; Sociological surveys; Identification of target groups; Election campaign; Forms of work with voters, incl. with Party structures and work through the media; A campaign with target groups; Block "White Paper on Local Government" – practical case

Training team: Yuri Aslanov, Ivelin Nikolov Nidal Algafari, Elena Harizanova (White Paper)


3. "Candidates" (September), with topics:

- The Left and the Right in the public policy; Local authorities and local government; Problem – policies; Projects in the local government; Meetings with voters; Public behavior - communication, media, debates; Block "White Paper on Local Government" – practical case

Training team: Dr. Tanya Turlakova, Nikolai Belalov, Ivelin Nikolov, Margarita Petkova, Elena Harizanova (White Paper)