"Policy of the Crisis and a Crisis of Politics"(2009-2010)


Project contractors: ISI and Foundation for European and Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Implementation period: February 2009 - April 2010

Source of funding: FEPS




The discussion on "Policy of the Crisis and a Crisis of Politics" was held on March 5, 2010 in Sofia, hotel "Sheraton", "Sredets" Hall. The discussion was attended by: Dr. Zhivko Georgiev, sociologist and Chairman of the Board of ISI; Dr. Yuri Aslanov, sociologist and Secretary of the Board of ISI; Eric Sundstryom, Swedish Social Democratic Party, chief editor of "News & Politics" and member of the focus group of the project "Next Left" of FEPS; Anya Skrzhipek, political advisor of FEPS, responsible for the "Next Left" project; and Stefan Handjiev, political advisor of ISI and member of the project team of "Next Left".



Block A: "Policies of the Crisis", moderated by Yuri Aslanov; reports on the topics "Possible anti-crisis policies in Bulgaria" (Sergey Stanishev, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Parliamentary Group of "Coalition for Bulgaria"), "The crisis in Europe and policy options" (Eric Sundstryom), and


Block B: "Crisis of Politics”, moderated by Stephen Handjiev; reports on the topics “The trust in political parties. Man above all – the Left project of PES" (Anya Skrzhipek)"; “Now what – the Bulgarian Socialist Party after losing the 2009 elections - crisis of the management and crisis management" (Dr. Zhivko Georgiev, sociologist, Chairman of the Board of ISI).