"NGOs potential to introduce and promote European standards in terms of economy, governance, human rights and media freedom"(2008)


Project contractor: ISI

Implementation period: September - December 2008


Activities: Organizing an international conference with the participation of representatives of non-governmental organizations from Greece, Russia, Romania and Ukraine. The conference aims at reaching consensus on proposals to increase EU capacity to act beyond its borders and prevent international conflicts and management of international crises.


The summarized results of the discussion outlined the following principles for enhanced cooperation among the Black Sea region:

-          Inclusive approach that does not exclude any country in the region, but at the same time allows for flexible participation of the countries in various projects and initiatives;

-          Pragmatism and interaction between the various regional initiatives;

-          Co-financing from the partners in the region and other sources, incl. international financial institutions, government and private funds;

-          Openness to cooperation with EU, NATO and other international, regional and local organizations and institutions, academic and research institutions and NGOs;

-          Binding the Black Sea region with neighboring regions such as the River Danube, Caspian Basin, Central Asia and the Middle East.


As a primary objective of the Black Sea countries was stated the development of regional cooperation on one hand, and the cooperation between the region as a whole and the European Union, on the other.


Organizing a second meeting of NGOs from the countries in the Black Sea region aims to create a coherent mechanism for partnership and to overcome common to the region problems. A second objective - discussion about the possibilities of NGOs to introduce European standards in terms of economy, governance, human rights and media freedom.