"Security Strategies for the Black Sea Region"(2008)


Project contractor: ISI

Implementation period: September - November 2008

Source of funding: FEPS



The conference was divided into two panels. Panel I was dedicated to World peace, fighting terrorism and security in the Black Sea region. Speakers in this panel were Adrian Severin, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute "Ovidiu Schinkel" and Chairman of the Delegation of Romanian Socialists in the European Parliament; Prof. Peter Balabanov, New Bulgarian University (paper on "International relations in the region through the ages"); Boyan Chukov, adviser on foreign affairs to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria (topic: "Possible security systems in the Black Sea region"); Christian Vigenin, Vice-President of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament (on "Future prospects of cooperation of Left parties in the region"); Ernst Peel, a former official in the European Commission (on "Security in the Black Sea region").



The second panel was devoted to Cooperation in politics, civil society and local authorities – basis for the security in the region. Here, the main emphasis was placed on the local government level and the possibilities for cooperation between Black Sea coast municipalities of different countries. Speakers in this panel were: Pavel Marinov, Director of the Institute for Regional Cooperation and a municipal council ("Public interests and possible joint policies in the region"); Marusya Lyubcheva, member of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament ("Regional cooperation in the Black Sea region"); Violeta Chavdarova, Board member of ISI, Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” (topic: “Possibilities for creating a network of NGOs for cooperation in the region").


The project aims at bringing together leading socialist and social NGOs in the Black Sea region, to discuss issues and ideas of common interest, to develop a common strategy, which will establish criteria and standards for civic activities, and the creation of a regional network for joint projects within the European Neighbourhood Policy.