"Institutional Strengthening"



Project contractor: ISI

Implementation period: December 2002 - December 2003

Source of funding: “Open Society” Foundation


Activities and results


A team of collaborators, volunteers and Institute lectors, with specific Science & technology unit. Rented and equipped premises, with three working places and a conference room. Launch of an e-email and a website of the Institute for Social Integration. Accounting services provided. Contacts with a number of related organizations. Popularized activities of the Institute in 14 regions of the country.


Successfully established wide network of associates and volunteers – lecturers in Bulgarian universities, journalists, lawyers and social workers.


Participation in the Sixth World Congress of NGOs working for democratic development and in a meeting of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity.


All that supports the development and future implementation of new projects related to the strengthening of civil society, sustainable democratic political multi-party system, and participatory democracy. In the early 2003, teams of the Institute developed five new projects, related to the Institute’s goals, and applied for funding. Work on the sustainability of the already implemented projects is going on.


The joint work of the founders, members of the Board, staff and volunteers of the Institute has been set as a well-organized, structured and regular practice.